To Our Dealers at New England Motel:

We are extremely excited to welcome you to our Web Site.

As you know, we are always looking to improve our means of communications to attract American and foreign buyers. This is one more vehicle to make New England Motel the #1 show in Brimfield - and places us among the top shows in the country.

We have tried to nurture New England Motel with lots of TLC to make it a compatible relationship between dealers and owners. Our buyers have been extremely complimentary of our field, especially complimentary about our dealers. We at New England Motel consider our greatest assets to be our dealers.

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Hope you enjoy our site!

Marie, John & Bob


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Gillian Bryce   Booth PB 19+23
Chris Saari Booth 199+200
Ron Bethony and Deb   Booth 68A + 68B
Susan Sargent and Chris Robertson   Booth 20
Pamela Krampf   Booth PB22
Maxine Wolff Shapiro Antiques & Estate Jewelry Booth PA 13 + 17
Todd A. Clements

Booth 100
Linda Carannante

  On Grass
Harry and Ginny Knoch   Booth 79
Z's Antiques & Restorations    


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